Windows phone 8x camera not working

Camera problem on HTC 8x (8.1 preview) If not, bring it back to the store and see if they will replace it since it's so new. I don't know Verizon's policies though because I've never used them. So why didn't you look up the phone and see it had no removable battery or expansion slot before getting it? The big downer is that it doesn't have arrows to navigate the text you've just written. So when I want to go add a word mid-way through a paragraph, I either have to keep trying to press that magic spot on the screen between words, or I just touch the word next to it and retype.

Difficult to explain, but I think 8X users would feel me on this. There is no magic spot or black magic involved. Never exposed to moisture beyond the air. I just got back from the store and they replaced my SIM card to see if that fixed the data issue.

20 common problems with Windows Phone 8, and how to fix them

Guess I need to wait a bit to see if that helps. I'm sorry, if you don't want to contribute something positive, don't post at all. I thought 16GB would be plenty, but it just isn't the case. To be fair to the OP, this is one of the few things in Windows Phone that isn't immediately obvious and isn't easy to discover.

How many emails are you storing on your phone and can it be reduced? For instance, you might want to consider only syncing mail that arrived in the last week or fortnight if you're not doing that already. I appreciate your response though! I do need to look into ways to cut back on data usage and storage at the same time. If your phone locks up, then hold the power and camera buttons for about seconds. It should reboot.

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Before Portico, which largely fixed Bluetooth issues, I had a Bluetooth-related lock-up that required me to hold the buttons for much longer than 20 seconds something must have been really stuck. Since your phone is able to use the SIM occasionally, it's clearly not flipped, but perhaps it is not properly seated. My brother's Lumia has been suffering from the random restart as well, but I have no solution for it.

My other brother, his wife, and even my mother have a Lumia , and none of us are seeing that issue except him. I can say that he is understandably quite frustrated by the automatic reboots. Finally with the bandwidth usage, I do not use my phone for downloading documents quite like you do, but you may be able to use it more than you think.

I suspect that you have 2 - 4 GB of data, so just keep an eye of the data meter.

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There should be an app available on Verizon WP8 phones: Data Sense. It should keep you informed about how much data you have left for your billing cycle. My older LG Optimus 7 had that weird SIM issue, basically if I fell into a dead spot and lost my 3g connection then it sometimes wouldn't try to reconnect and only give me the "emergency call" option and SIM Error message. What I did though, instead of restarting it, I would turn on flight mode for seconds and then turn flight mode off. This makes the phone rescan and it would then pickup the SIM card again and connect.

Way faster for me than rebooting. Now on my new 8X which I've had since December, no such problems, and I went on a trip to the US and it connected and roamed just fine since it's a unlocked device.

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I reseted my phone and installed some apps and i launched camera it only load 3 icons: video to take pictures and burst photo and no more. I installed the developer preview , and I cant get the camera to work om my htc 8x. I have tried with multiple apps, including the standard.

Some of your complaints aren't even valid. Do some research before you buy the phone - and if you did, you would've known it had no removable battery, and no microSD card slot! I'm wondering if they're worth it or if they actually add to battery drain. Yep, great advice! I love the DataSense app that comes standard. When I took it to the store today they replaced the SIM card, thinking perhaps it was damaged or faulty.

Its a waiting game now to see if it fixes my issues. Not sure about the random restarts though. Maybe the SIM problem is related, but I doubt it. I had a few software issues with my HTC 8x, including random reboots, nothing showing up in Windows Explorer when it was plugged in, and occasional SIM card issues.

After the WP8 update was pushed to my phone about a week ago, all those problems have disappeared. I still have battery life issues, and I'm not happy about the paint peeling situation, but I'm pretty sure those problems are inherent in the phone's design, and can't be fixed. I also don't understand why they didn't put in a micro SD slot for the upper-end HTC 8X model - 16 GB just isn't a lot of space, especially when it comes down to storing offline maps and music on the phone. Good catch. I must have been thinking about the maintenance mode, which I believe is volume down, power and camera, and then finally just two of them.

Regardless, I am glad you pointed it out that I had it wrong so that hopefully someone sees the correct buttons to press. I don't know if they reduce your battery life too much although they are running as a background task so will use power. However, I tried a couple and didn't find them useful because they only update their live tile every 20 or 30 minutes.

As to the battery in phone thing, look at all the iPhones, they all have it built in. Just saying. Having the same issues with the new SIM card. Guess I have to go back over there and get a replacement tomorrow. There's a hard soft reset key combo to restart the phone if it locks up. I'd say the looseness of the panel could be related to the sim issues you are having. The keyboard issue I have to agree with. WP7 had the best soft keyboard I had ever used. WP8 has regressed. Far and away the most disappointing part of WP8.

The random shutdown issue has a collection of software related issues. A bit of googling could help you identify what apps can cause this, but I agree it's not great. It's so you can swap in and out of phones. It's a much better system than having the phone registered to the network: The phone dropping out and not reconnecting to signal issue is caused by a roaming bug in the software prevalent on Telstra phones in Australia. I have a list of all the bugs elevated to T3 support with Telstra, and the list is extensive: If you are having problems getting a picture message out, if the pixel count is greater than 2MP, it will fail regardless of the network size limits.

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Camera problem on HTC 8x ( preview) - Microsoft Community

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