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alexacmobil.com/components/bipogute/raf-come-trovare.php When you tap a phrase, you see the translation quickly, but there's an odd lag before you hear the audio clip. The search feature is woefully bloody-minded, featuring only phrases, not words or even synonyms. If you type "bathroom" in the search field, it finds nothing. Type "toilet," however, and you get five relevant —and terribly useful—phrases.

Frankly, you can get nearly the same quality with Coolgorilla at one-tenth the price, so LP is probably most useful for languages Coolgorilla misses. This article was by Reid Bramblett and last updated in April All information was accurate at the time. Reid Bramblett. North America U. PDF format 36 kb: Thai iPhone Phrasebook Spreadsheet. Next up on iPhone app reviews: Thai Vocabulary and Word of the Day. October 14, at 9: This is excellent!

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Thanks so much for the post. I have a Thai client with a [mostly] Thai staff. Neil, Excellent. October 15, at 8: Wow, Cat! That is a really comprehensive review of all the iphone apps for Thai language. Must have taken you a considerable amount of time to put all this information together. Some of these might fit the bill while out and about and still learning the language.

Thanks Talen. It was a long time getting prepared for the iPhone reviews.

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The more I play with the iPhone, the more impressed I am. October 16, at Temptation and iPhone are walking hand in hand through my mind at the moment with budget and Christmas losing the fight to overtake. He makes a perfect tonal quip about me and my cartoon books, the whole plane erupts into laughter. October 16, at 3: Thanks Martin.

It was quite interesting to see what the different app designers chose to add to their applications. And I predict that we will see many changes in the coming year. If you do purchase an iPhone, download the pdf spreadsheet I put on the bottom of the post. After I posted my original comment I went downstairs and unbelievably there was something on the TV about the iPhone.

The gist of it all was that the iPhone was tending to lock or crash due to people downloading too many applications on to it. One or two applications at a time might be best. October 16, at 4: Martyn, being up at 4am is a blend of Italian time still as well as being an insomniac. I will keep an eye out for it though. October 16, at 8: With regard to iphones, they seem to be one of those things you buy and then wonder how you managed your life before it.

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October 16, at 9: Agreed on the iPhone. And this from me, who fought so long against using one. October 18, at 9: Cat, this is great! I was just looking through the list of Thai Language apps available for the iPhone yesterday and was amazed that there were so many.

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Your review really helps to see what is included in each one before buying. I am sure a lot of people will really appreciate that!

By the way, taking a screen shot on the iPhone is really easy. The screen should flash white, and then the screenshot will be in your Camera Roll. I share your optimism that these apps will continue to improve. There is a lot of room for improvement on the iPhone apps. Writing my reviews, I found it notable that I spent more time on what was missing. But the list and spread sheet topped it off, so there is that. Your product would be perfect for an iPhone app. Ok, the iPhone area is quite small so every item even tiny needs to have a purpose.

But other than paying close attention to space and nav, yours should fit in quite fine. October 18, at October 19, at After reading your thorough and professional report, I decided I like the Lonely Planet and uTalk offerings. I suppose the best approach, if one needs this kind of help right now, is to buy several offerings. I might even blog on my findings. As you will note in my blog link below, I liked your post on the iPhone Thai language apps so much I posted on my blog to blow your horn!

Great stuff, Catherine. When you do, beware… I am writing a blog post at this moment so please keep your eyes out…. Rick, Apologies, my brain is not functioning and I just noticed the mention of your blog post. Great stuff, and thanks!

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October 20, at 3: Thanks for including us in this very comprehensive post. A lot of thought and effort went into that. In fact you shamed me into writing a blog myself — about your review. We will certainly take on board what you have liked and disliked about all the apps when considering future updates. October 22, at 6: Hi Richard, thanks for stopping by. Your review actually had quite a bit more but I cut it down to be fair to the others. And maybe I trimmed it too close….

Thank you for the heads up on your Italian app. It was perfect timing for my trip to Italy the next day. And it did manage to get a rise from my Italian friend too: December 7, at 3: Thanks for your review! I find it very difficult to find any advanced material for Thai learners and have a feeling most of these apps are aimed towards new learners.

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December 7, at 5: Jon, I agree, a great deal of Thai materials target new learners. I believe you will find that the flashcard programs better suited to you as you can add your own vocab and sound. March 2, at 5: Many thanks for taking the time to do this thorough review of apps for the iphone. We will link to it for sure. March 2, at Still to come: May 7, at 4: Also anything out there to learn Thai script beyond just the characters, like how to read words and maybe sentences?

May 8, at 9: Hi Joe, my review of iPhone app dictionaries is almost finalised. Crazy how life in Thailand tends to get in the way of my getting posts out about Thai subjects: If you want to learn how to read, then books and websites are your best bet. July 5, at July 13, at Stay tuned. January 2, at 1: Excellent work, Catherine. This is by far the best post I have ever read when it comes to learning a new language in your iPhone.

January 2, at 8: Hi Nabil. January 7, at I want to do one for the Thai alphabet, the same as the istudy one, but with all the charachters and vowels. I found their app to be really good and have learnt all the characters they have included but about half of them are missing so would like to have one with all the characthers and vowels.

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August 23, at LearnThai also has clear, quality audio and the option to switch between male and female is really useful and well done. The transliteration, however, does not mark tones but it seems all transliteration systems are just loose approximations anyway, all the more motivation to learn the script quickly.

August 23, at 6: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. A Woman Learning Thai And for all you design lovers out there… there is still that oh my … Note: The criteria I used for this iPhone Thai phrase book review… Target market: Is it for tourists, expats new to Thailand, or Thai language learners? Phrases and vocab: How many phrases does it have? Does it include vocabulary too? Are there tips on the Thai language and culture? Who is doing the talking? Male, female, or both? Thai script: Is the Thai script too small to read or just right?

Does the transliteration style have tone markers?

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Internet connection: Will you need to make adjustments for roaming costs? Overall design: Is the navigation easy, or are you clicking on bits going nowhere? Design style: Does it add or subtract to the experience? Are you able to search for a word or phrase? Apple apps iPhone ratings… New to me are the iPhone ratings Richard from Lingopal opened my innocent eyes to this one.

Consumers must be at least 17 years old to purchase apps with this rating.

Whenever an app of this rating is requested for download, a message will appear, verifying if you are 17 and asking to confirm the purchase for this reason. Thai language iPhone phrase book review… As previously mentioned: The personal opinions below cacca or otherwise , are mine. Contains no objectionable material. And there is certainly enough room for all… Categories: No Apple rating: LingoPal Thai Price: PhasaThai No longer online Price: PhasaThai Free Price: Smaller version of the above app.

PocketPhrase No longer online Price: Not yet rated. PocketPhrase Lite No longer online Price: This is a sample app of the full version above. Survival Phrases: Thai No longer online Price: Talking English to Thai phrasebook No longer online Price: World Nomads: Thai Phrases Price: Learn Thai on Your iPhone: Thai iPhone Phrasebook Spreadsheet Note: Survival Phrases Thai is a new release so is not included in the spreadsheet. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Catherine Wentworth. My passion is promoting the Thai language. Oh, and traveling.

I'm passionate about that as well. And photography too. Latest posts by Catherine Wentworth see all. Previous post Thai Learners Series: A Few Facts about Farang. Catherine Wentworth Post author October 14, at 9: Talen October 15, at 8: You knocked it out of the park with this one! Catherine October 15, at 8: Martyn October 16, at Catherine Wentworth Post author October 16, at 3: Martyn October 16, at 3: Catherine Wentworth Post author October 16, at 4: Catherine, the design terms in Thai are in the works.

Catherine Wentworth Post author October 16, at 9: Neil, thanks for rounding up those terms for me. That is guaranteed to make an interesting post. Stuart October 18, at 9: Catherine Wentworth Post author October 18, at 9: Stuart, that trick is so sweet thanks! I will add the screen shots to this post. Stuart October 18, at My pleasure. Catherine Wentworth Post author October 18, at SiamRick October 19, at Catherine Wentworth Post author October 19, at Richard Lingopal October 20, at 3: Hi Cat, Thanks for including us in this very comprehensive post.

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In fact you shamed me into writing a blog myself — about your review We will certainly take on board what you have liked and disliked about all the apps when considering future updates. Catherine Wentworth Post author October 22, at 6: And maybe I trimmed it too close… Thank you for the heads up on your Italian app. Jon December 7, at 3: Catherine Wentworth Post author December 7, at 5: Richard Barrow March 2, at 5: Catherine Wentworth Post author March 2, at Joe May 7, at 4: Catherine Wentworth Post author May 8, at 9: Catherine Wentworth Post author July 5, at Heads up: Catherine Wentworth Post author July 13, at Nabil January 2, at 1: There we do not only speak Arabic, but also French.